The Charles and Ray Eames Eiffel Chairs


Our Eiffel Chairs are high-quality reproductions of the design by creators Charles and Ray Eames. 

Universal, timeless, and comfortable, the DSW Chair, commonly known as la chaise Eiffel, integrates into all kinds of spaces: home, office, etc. Its simple appearance allows it to blend in with daily life without disrupting the visual environment. 

It goes equally well around a dining room table or in front of a desk. The deep seat pocket made of polypropylene is injection-molded, not painted like most of the reproductions available on the market. Its ergonomic and inviting shapes assure you optimal comfort. 

The Eiffel Chair is sold from $69 in 24 different colours at sur




The Prunelle chair meets the following quality standards:

  • Rounded seat, made of molded polypropylene
  • Solid wood legs (Beech)
  • 24 coLOURS
  • Injection-molded, not painted like most of the reproductions available on the market
  • Distinct Eiffel base made of durable, FAS-grade solid wood
  • Anti-scratch protection under the legs
  • Quick and easy assembling 


Depth 21" X Width 18" X seat Height 18" X back of chair Height 30"


After the end of World War II in 1945, the Eames wanted to create a low-cost chair composed of fiberglass, a material born from research during the war. It is one of the furniture designs that left its mark in time and is still renowned today. This high-quality piece, with clean cut lines and of functional use, was created by the well-known ’50-era couple Charles and Ray Eames, who remain popular names to this day. The story of these two furniture “architects” is exciting enough to make anyone dream of their own furniture designs. Their passion has endured many decades as proven by the popularity of the DSW Chair.


Charles Eames and Ray Kaiser, designers of the DSW Chair, met at the University of Michigan in 1938. While Ray studied painting, Charles, of Missouri, studied architecture with the famous Eliel Saarinen. While working with Charles, Eliel made arrangements for his son Eero and Charles to meet. Both young men participated in the Organic Design and Home Furnishing Contest in New York in 1940, and both men fooled the jury by presenting images of totally realistic furniture that they had never even built! This is when Ray and Charles met. The designers of the DSW Chair got married in 1941 and settled near Los Angeles, close to the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film studios with which they were involved in projects. The Eames were pioneers in working with plywood, and their success with studio décor sparked other opportunities, including a financed contract by the American government. During World War II, they conducted research on the glider fuselage. After the end of the war, they started working on their own on revolutionary ideas that developed the use of fiberglass. Unfortunately, their company did not meet desired expectations, but their work got the attention of one Herman Miller…And so began the couple that started the trend of avant-garde chairs for a low-cost production. The design had not yet entered into the American home; we are in the ’50s and the DSW, RAR, and DSX chairs are the starting point of a new generation of versatile, functional, light, durable, and multicolored chairs. Moreover, the Eames made the United States venture into a mass-production era of design furniture. Herman Miller is responsible for the contemporary manufacture of these chairs.

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