Home stretch.....

We are almost there! The holidays are just a few days away and preparations are well underway in every home in Quebec. At Prunelle, we are no different: we too are busy setting up a pretty table, wrapping gifts, decorating cookies. It’s a real annual ritual that delights us year after year.

It must be said that by dint of working with emblematic pieces of mid-century design, we have imagination that gets carried away. But how can this be avoided with the Platner dining table, a faithful high-quality reproduction of the creation of the famous William Platner? Even better, this table is also available in a coffee table format, which will undoubtedly become the centerpiece of any living room. No matter if this table takes place in your dining room or in your living room, it will arouse the admiration of your guests. And above all, do not cover it with a tablecloth: its splendor comes from the mixture between glass and metal, which it would be a shame to camouflage under a fabric as chic as it is.
Another way to bring the sparkle of the holidays through the front door is to seat your guests on these chairs that will undoubtedly make people talk. We know these chairs: they are true icons of industrial aesthetics and have found a place in our homes in recent years. But for sure, we had never seen them with a gold finish. With chairs inspired by Tolix, you can set up a rather common table: the chairs will add the glamorous touch that will make your guests exclaim.
You will have noticed that this year, metallic tones are in the spotlight. Because they are incredibly chic, they dress a table effortlessly, and add a touch of festive bling to any dinner. Yellow gold and rose gold are particularly in the spotlight because of their heat, which is so important during the shortest days of the year. You will agree that the nuts served in such a bowl are suddenly more appetizing than in an everyday bowl.
The bright finish of metallic objects allows them to maintain sober, even refined lines, like this chandelier which would not have the same presence if it had not been gilded. The metallic tones on a table are like a necklace on a beautiful blouse: the final touch, which "ties" the whole.
The whole Prunelle team wishes you happy holidays, surrounded by people who are dear to you. Enjoy each moment, each bite, each great laugh. And even if we sell pretty chairs, we know, basically, that the most important thing is the person sitting on it!
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