A Mid-century Apartment in the Heart of Berlin


Emmanuel de Bayser is a passionate collector of furniture from the ’50s-60s best known for his very trendy Berlin store, The Corner.

This passionate designer has two apartments, one in Paris, the other in Berlin. A recent photo-reportage of the Berlin apartment reveals a complete mid-century look! The ceilings are 16-feet high and his collection of furniture from renowned designers like Jean Prouvé and Serge Mouille is unmatched.

We love the refined aspect that De Bayser gave to the apartment’s different rooms despite the range of iconic furniture contained within.

De Bayser wanted to create an environment in which he could relax peacefully...a goal he accomplished! The wood dominance lends the rooms a “cabin” style, dare we say a “haven of peace.”

We are impressed with Emmanuel de Bayser’s audacious use of Jean Prouvé’s Antony chair in his space, which we unfortunately do not see used enough today, despite its great comfort and elegance.

The huge windows and high ceiling give the impression of a very spacious and welcoming apartment.

Photographer Manolo Yllera

Source Trendland


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