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High-quality reproduction inspired by Hans J. Wegner's design.

The eponymous Kennedy Chair gained its name--and its fame--after a televised presidential debate where John F. Kennedy asked that they be seated on these chairs. A classic design by the Danish designer Hans Wegner, this chair embodies the designer's philosophy that all design should be reduced to its most basic components, with clean, purified lines.

As a natural material, wood is subject to effects of the environmentincluding temperature and humidity levels. Chairs are not made from a singlesolid block of wood and are assembledusing dowels and glue. Unlike a metal chair that is welded or a plastic chairthat is made in a single mold, based on use and conditions these dowels andglue can loosen over time and may require regular maintenance to keep themperforming. Due to the common nature of this upkeep, regardless ofmanufacturer, resources are readily available online or through your localupholstery or millwork supplier. This is not considered a defect or a warranty issue.

Depth: 21” 
Width: 24.5” 
Seat height: 18” 
Total height: 30.5”

Please note that the furniture shown on this page is a floor sample and may have been gently used or displayed in our showroom. While we take great care to ensure that all of our floor samples are in excellent condition, there may be minor imperfections or signs of wear and tear. We strive to provide you with an accurate representation of each piece, but please be aware that the item you receive may differ slightly from the images shown. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. Thank you for choosing our furniture floor sample sale! Final sale item

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