• Maquette Fagus Factory

Fagus Factory model


Fagus Factory (Fagus Fabrik or Fagus Werk, meaning beech in Latin) was built between 1911 and 1913 (with additions and interior spaces completed in 1925) in Alfed an der Leine, Germany. 

It was designed by the architects Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer asa shoe factory commissioned by Carl Benscheidt. Considered an important example of early modern architecture, it was been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. 

Each sculpture is individually handmade in Sussex, England, at the Chisel & Mouse workshop. They are made of a strong plaster that provides reassuring weight and a smooth, cool feel. Window sills and frames are made of engraved brass. These decorative objects make ideal gifts and breathe new life into any ordinary desk, shelf, or wall.

Architect: Walter Gropius 

Year: 1913 Style: Modernist / Bauhaus 

Location: Alfeld, Germany 

Materials: Plaster, metal etching 

Dimensions: 27 cm H, 18 cm W, 7.5 cm D & 2.5 kg