The mid-century style: a look that comes right from our screens!

For many years now, the prestige of mid-century style has been on the rise. After the 1980s floral and cake-topping madness and the minimalism of the 1990s, we’re seeing a strong comeback of this avant-garde modern design that peaked approximately between 1945 and 1960. 

You know a trend is well-established when you see it everywhere on television, the internet, or at the movies. The mid-century style is taking over our screens, whether through music, advertisements, television series, or films. But what explains this craze that shows no sign of slowing down? 

Many reasons can be pointed out, but most notably, for those who were born after the 1950s or 1960s, these decades retain a glamour that was never seen before and hasn’t yet been repeated. The 1960s had something mysterious, emancipated, and&mdashlet’s face it&mdashsexy about it. 

While some feel nostalgic for the era, others feel fueled to recreate this ambiance where anything seemed possible. This refined design tickles the nostalgia in us, especially these days when everything seems to go too fast. It also responds to a need for simplicity following a sluggish world-wide economy. 

It’s at this exact moment when the television series Mad Men was created, bringing this period to life like never before. From its straight lines to its prestigious yet simple materials, this design-era spoke to viewers living in a chaotic, rapidly changing world.

The series had so much success that it sparked the mid-century style revival among the public. It’s not only insiders and experts who can appreciate this simple and chic vintage look anymore but ordinary people too: they’ve rediscovered it and want even more. In the process, music bands have also followed the same path, including the She & Him duet with their Don’t Look Back music video and the amazing Stella Artois advertisements featuring typical 1960s wood veneer and control panels.

Even the animated movie The Incredibles takes up mid-century furniture. We’ve never seen movie characters live in a house so well-furnished before! The famous glass house featured in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, released 30 years ago, is also reminiscent of the era, and was its own character in that comedy classic. The famous James Bond saga also channeled the movement in its most recent installments. There are many more examples proving that mid-century style is indeed back for the foreseeable future. The simplicity of this design matches with everything and endures through the decades without a wrinkle. Hollywood understood this a while ago!

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