Our Materials

Our Materials

Our team works tirelessly to ensure that every piece designed and crafted for Prunelle is of the highest quality. We are a discerning bunch, from every stitch and grain of wood to the final product. As such, we are devoted to bringing beautifully made pieces to life with care, integrity, and the very best raw materials the world has to offer - so you can enjoy them for years to come.


Our skins are chosen with care for their grain uniformity. Because our leather is not split or printed, its thick surface is smooth and soft, and its natural grain varies from skin to skin.

Upholstery Fabrics

We offer a variety of fabrics such Shetland bouclé wool and Dorset wool blends in various colours, PVC and polyurethane coatings, and synthetic fabrics such as hand-tufted velvets for a more a luxurious look.


We select the best kiln-dried pieces of wood sourced from locations in around the world, such as American walnut, European ash and beech wood, and Indian rosewood. We combine old-world techniques to hand-craft wood pieces, with joinery work done by hand and refined with cutting-edge precision-cutting technology. The results are furniture with an unbeatable quality of wood.


Most of our metal-framed product designs are made with high-quality stainless steel. We create our products with stainless steel because it is a material that is designed to last. The steel will not tarnish and can be polished many times in order to give the metal its original luster, which cannot be done with chrome-plated frames.


The resilience and density of our polyfoam seat cushions optimize the durability and comfort for every item we offer. Some designs have incredible stuffing requirements with an upper layer made of feather and covered with Dacron.

Product Care

As we understand the importance of preserving your pieces so you can enjoy them for years to come, we know that product care is a vital element for your satisfaction. That's why we've outlined how to care for your products after your purchase. Learn more here.

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