12 inspirations for your living room décor

The living room is where we spend most of our time at home, so its décor is vital if we want to feel good! With a little bit of inspiration, it’s not that hard to create an interior which we feel good about and want to spend time relaxing, reading, or entertaining friends. You must first determine the style that suits you: it’s not only about finding nice decorations, but also about finding decorations that provide a sense of belonging! Although you may look on the internet, Pinterest, or Instagram, sometimes it’s hard to choose from the variety of décor out there. So here’s a selection of 12 living room styles that are always original and pleasant to the eye! To help you choose, imagine reading a novel or watching a movie with your partner or having drinks with friends in this space… And first and foremost, think about choosing an interior that reflects you! Once you’ve chosen the style, we can start shopping online and in-store to find the furniture that matches your unique sense of style. Lighting and rugs are important details that can make a big difference; sometimes it’s worth investing in lighting that adds a special touch to the room. Clocks and mirrors are also accessories that convey a unique flavor to the décor! 



Une fois le style choisit on peut alors magasiner un peu partout sur Internet et en boutique pour trouver les meubles qui pourront donner un style unique et un design propre à chacun. Les luminaires et les tapis sont également le genre de détails qui font toute la différence, et parfois, cela vaut la peine d’investir dans un luminaire original qui donnera une touche spéciale à l’espace! Les horloges et les miroirs sont aussi le type d’accessoires qui ajoutent des petits détails rendant notre décor unique en son genre!
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