New York in a Mid-Century Rhythm

New York is the source of some of the greatest waves in modern times - be it in politics, fine-arts, or design. Even a short visit will convince you of city’s magic. New York: Many cities try, but none have managed to reach your heights…and you know it!

The city has so much to offer on many fronts, but design has long been one of its strongest attributes. In New York, you can still live the mid-century design movement, whether is be in a hotel or in an always trendy flat. Here are some of our favourite spots that honour the mid-century period, but have of course evolved to continue to push the design aesthetic forward.

The Kitano is the only Japanese-owned hotel in the city, surprisingly. In the Kitano, we are engulfed in a soft atmosphere that blends mid-century and traditional Japanese influences, through a exquisite collection of furniture and lighting pieces. The result is eclectic but remains very chic and natural. Have a look at their main hall and the excellent use of wood finishes.

You can also visit the Smyth, a smaller hotel of 100 rooms located in the heart of Tribeca. Here, it’s easy to imagine yourself on the set of Mad Men and you’ll likely crave a Martini on the wonderful rooftop terrace.

For a trip where the hotel becomes a site-seeing experience itself, visit the the NoMad, situated in a Fine-Arts building completely reworked by the French designer, Jacques Garcia. Here, every detail was thought out, and every one of the 168 rooms offers a unique timeless decor that inspires your imagination and promotes relaxation. Quality is everywhere, down to the smallest details, so take your time to enjoy the experience.

Brooklyn has been, for many years now, a borough spewing ideas and trends across the world. So it isn’t a surprise that so many people are choosing Brooklyn, over Manhattan, as a place to reside permanently or during a visit. This beautiful Brooklyn apartment, only 10 minutes from the centre of Manhattan, offers warm natural lighting in an inviting mid-century decor.

Also in Brooklyn, this luxurious duplex is a safe haven for the urban traveller looking for a little calm after hectic adventure in the Big Apple. Here everything is perfectly balanced to offer a mid-century atmosphere that is still completely contemporary. And who wouldn't want to lay around in such beautifully furnished patio on a warm day?

We could recommend dozens of other beautiful mid-century inspired spaces like these, because mid-century is no longer just a trend. It is a mindset and focus on simple, functional pieces with appealing lines that thrive in any space or time. A little like Sophia Loren, Catherine Deneuve or Jane Fonda, no?

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