A Prunelle exclusive : The Drop chair

drop chair

The Drop chair reproduction is only available at Prunelle.ca! For a little background, the Drop chair was imagined by designer Arne Jacobsen while he was putting together his masterpiece, the Radisson Royal Blu Hotel in Denmark, during the late 1950’s.

It is considered to be the first modern boutique hotel in the world. The architect received a mandate from Scandinavian Airlines to design the hotel from A to Z, from the outside facade, to the cutlery, and of course the amazing entry hall.

Only 200 Drop chairs were produced at this time to furnish the hotel’s restaurant. Today, the Drop chair is available on Prunelle.ca and in the Montreal showroom in 12 different fabric colours (grey, black, red, blue, yellow, pink, fuchsia, etc.) and 3 different leg finishes (gold, black and chrome).
The Drop chair is highly recognizable due to its tear-drop shape, but its beauty is also attributed to its great comfort and minimalism. As the restaurant for which it was made had somewhat limited space, Jacobsen imagined a chair with a pointed back in order to take a seat without requiring too much movement of the chair.
The Drop chair was also originally part of a larger design project, as its unique shape was present throughout the restaurant: It could be found on the dishes, salt and pepper shakers, glasses, and more. It’s actually thanks to Jacobsen’s grandson, Tobias Jacobsen, also a designer, that the chair has been put back in production. Other iconic chairs from his grandfather are back and neither his Swan or the Egg chair has ever been as popular as today. It therefore felt natural to see their little sister have her big comeback as well!
With a wide selection of colour options, the Drop chair can find a place in almost any decor &mdash and can either be a focal point or blend right in. So, please visit our showroom or online shop, but be warned, it’s quite likely you’ll be taking a Drop chair home with you. 

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