Executive Office Chair - Hard Pad

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High quality Reproduction inspired by Ray et Charles’ design.

The aluminum group, of which this chair was the centrepiece, was designed as a special project for Eero Saarinene and Alexander Girard who needed seating for the house they were designing for J Irwin Miller. The material of the chair is slung from either side of the die cast aluminum alloy frame allowing the fabric to shape to the sitters body. Also available with a lower back. 

  • Depth 20,5"
  • Width 22"
  • Seat height 17" - 20"
  • Back height 22,5"
  • Seat depth 20"
  • Total Height 40,5"
Chaise rembourrée en polyuréthane avec structure en alliage d'aluminium moulé sous pression avec une finition polie

Profondeur : 20,5"
Largeur : 22"
Hauteur du siège : 17" - 20"
Hauteur du dossier : 22,5"
Profondeur du siège : 20"
Hauteur totale : 40,5"

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