Bubble Discus Pendant Lamp

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High quality reproduction inspired by George Nelson’s design

This lamp is a replica of the original 1947 work by George Nelson. The Cocoon Lamp takes its name from its curved shape, just like a cocoon. It's modern and contemporary design sets the example for a new era of home decor. A plastic cover hides the steel frame and gives a light but solid aspect to the lamp. Its light is abundant and radiant. Cocoon-like plastic coating sprayed over saucer-shaped stainless steel wire frame with  brushed stainless steel frame.

  • Diameter 18"
  • Length 9"
  • Wire length 48" (can be cut)
  • 1x E26 bulb 10V, Max 100W
  • Diameter 25"
  • Length 11"
  • Wire length 48" (can be cut)
  • 1x E26 bulb 10V, Max 100W
  • Diameter 35"
  • Length 18"
  • Wire length 48" (can be cut)
  • 3x E26 bulb 10V, Max 100W
  • Diameter 47"
  • Length 24"
  • Wire length 72" (can be cut)
  • 3x E26 bulb 10V, Max 100W

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