Flag Halyard Chair

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High quality reproduction of Hans J. Wegner's design.

The Flag Halyard Chair, designed by famed Danish designer Hans J. Wegner, was first imagined by the designer around the late 1940s while he was lounging at a beach. It was said he modeled the design of the seat on a sand dune with ropes he found around the beach (halyard is a rope that hoists a sail, hence its name). The Flag Halyard Chair's surprising combination of different materials and textures (the coldness of the steel frame contrasted with the warmth of the braided rope and sheepskin throw) continues to delight and proposes a chair perfectly shaped to the human body for hours of lounging.

Woven rope chair
Brushed stainless steel tubular frame with painted stainless steel base
100% genuine leather headrest

Width: 41.5"
Depth: 48"
Total Height: 32"
Back Height: 32.5"
Seat height (at the front): 15"
Seat height (at the back): 10.5"
Seat depth: 22"

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