Nelson Pedestal Coffee table

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High-quality reproduction inspired by George Nelson’s design.

The Pedestal Coffee Table, created in 1954 by by American designer George Nelson, who was renowned for his designs featuring clean lines and sculptural elements, seen here in the shape of the base and the single stem supporting the table (rather than the traditional four legs). This table can fit perfectly into any space to accommodate a variety of uses.

As a natural material, wood is subject to effects of the environmentincluding temperature and humidity levels. Chairs are not made from a singlesolid block of wood and are assembledusing dowels and glue. Unlike a metal chair that is welded or a plastic chairthat is made in a single mold, based on use and conditions these dowels andglue can loosen over time and may require regular maintenance to keep themperforming. Due to the common nature of this upkeep, regardless ofmanufacturer, resources are readily available online or through your localupholstery or millwork supplier. This is not considered a defect or a warrantyissue.

Round top on a tripod base

Diameter: 28.5"
Height: 17"

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