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High-quality reproduction inspired by Hans J. Wegner's design.

Our Elbow Stool, otherwise known as the "CH20 Stool," was created by renowned Danish designer Hans J. Wegner in 1956. The Elbow Stool is perfectly moulded to the shape of the body and the back, armrests and seat are designed to offer the sitter ergonomic support. With the natural textures of the wood, these stools can fit seamlessly into a variety of spaces.

As a natural material, wood is subject to effects of the environment including temperature and humidity levels. Chairs are not made from a single solid block of wood and are assembled using dowels and glue. Unlike a metal chair that is welded or a plastic chair that is made in a single mold, based on use and conditions these dowels and glue can loosen over time and may require regular maintenance to keep them performing. Due to the common nature of this upkeep, regardless of manufacturer, resources are readily available online or through your local upholstery or millwork supplier. This is not considered a defect or a warranty issue.

Solid ash base
100% Polyurethane removable faux leather seat

Depth: 21”
Width: 24.5”
Seat height: 27"
Total height: 37”

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