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This decorative marble tusk is sure to make a statement. It makes the perfect accent piece for mantels, entranceways, coffee tables, or your work or study desk.

Color: White Marble

Dimensions:8"H X 3"L x 2.25" W

Natural marble is a porous material and is easily susceptible tostaining and scratches. We do not recommend this item for use in commercialapplications. Our faux marble is ideal for restaurants, conference rooms andany other high traffic use. Although your marble will arrive sealed we advise thatit be resealed every 6 months. Marble should be cleaned after use with a softcloth and gentle dish soap making sure to dry well afterwards. Do not allowwater or other liquids to remain on the surface and wipe up spills quickly witha non-abrasive cloth. Acidic liquids such as coffee and lemon juice amongothers will damage and etch the surface. Oils stains are also every difficultto remove.

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